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The Grey Bruce Mental Health Addictions and Abuse Steering Committee is piloting an integrated screening tool as part of the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project. The pilot will take place in mental health, stuff addictions, cialis sale and violence against women organizations in Grey and Bruce Counties in December 2010 and January 2011.

The pilot screening process seeks to identify the range of issues that women experience when they seek help from community agencies. The tool is based on a mapping exercise that was completed by women who participated in the No Wrong Door research project, and the screening tool developed in London in the initial phase of the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project.

The Grey Bruce Screening Process has two parts: Women who come to mental health, addiction or woman abuse/sexual assault services will complete a mapping exercise as an initial self assessment of their experience with the issues in their lives, and community services that they have used. When women have completed the mapping exercise they will talk about it with the provider who will use part two to help identify and summarize priorities for action, next steps and any immediate safety issues. Women will receive their own copy of the mapping exercise and summary.

We hope that this integrated screening approach will immediately engage women as active participants in their healing/treatment process. It is designed to position providers in all sectors as part of a coordinated and trauma-informed community response for women with mental health, addiction and abuse issues.

The Grey Bruce Mental Health, Addictions and Abuse Steering Committee developed the tool after a review of current screening and assessment tools used by the sectors in the region. HER Grey Bruce, an advocacy group of women with lived experience, reviewed an early draft of the tool and their suggestions were incorporated for the pilot. The initial response to the draft screening process from women from HER Grey Bruce was very positive, and women reported that the mapping exercise is helpful.

We will post information from the pilot of the screening tool on this website, and make necessary adjustments for implementation in the spring of 2011. For more information contact Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. , Grey Bruce Project Coordinator.

Note: If a Word version of the Grey-Bruce Integrated Screening Package does not appear below, click here to download a copy.

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