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Woman Abuse/Trauma-Informed Services
Oct 26 (Tue)  1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
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Please join us in a discussion of what providing woman abuse/sexual assault/trauma-informed services in mental health and addiction services looks like.  How do we create trauma-informed programs, services, agencies and systems? What are the key or core competencies involved in providing trauma-informed services for which training will be developed  be regional experts?   

Regional experts from multiple sectors will participate in the teleconference including Kathryn Irwin-Séguin, Iris Addiction Recovery for Women, Sudbury; Susan Macphail, WOTCH Community Mental Health Services, London;  Lisebeth Gatkowski, Addiction and Mental Health Services, St. Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton; Debbie Bang, Womankind Addiction Service, Hamilton and, Saundra-Lynn Coulter, Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project and the London Abused Women's Centre.

Check out an excellent recently-developed presentation on creating trauma-informed services by clicking here.

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