Stabilization - Client Checklist

Questions to determine how well a client is taking care of herself   [The answers are either Yes or No]

Do you....

  • Associate only with safe people who do not hurt or abuse you?
  • Travel in safe places?
  • Get enough sleep?
  • Keep up with daily hygiene?
  • Take all medications as prescribed?
  • Get adequate exercise?
  • Spend within financial means?
  • Have annual checkups?
  • Know who to call if experiencing woman abuse?
  • Have safe housing?
  • Refrain from bringing strangers into your house?
  • Smoke cigarettes?
  • Use substances to cope?
  • Have at least one hour of free time to yourself each day?
  • Do something pleasurable each day?
  • Have at least one social contact per week?
  • Attend treatment regularly?
  • Have several hours of structured time each week?
  • Have a daily schedule and “to do” list?
  • Have a place for spiritual reflection if this is an important part of your life?

(Adapted from Najavitis 2002 - Seeking Safety)