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Pilot Project
Implementing a Woman Abuse Screening Protocol: Facilitating Connections between Mental Health, Addictions and Woman Abuse
PDF (134 pages, 2.5 MB)
Published: 2007
This key document outlines the history, approach, results and lessons learned from the London-Middlesex pilot project that would eventually lead to the establishment of the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project.

Coalescing on Women and Substance Use: Trauma-informed Online Tool

PDF (57 pages, 1.98 MB)new
Published: 2011

From the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, this Online Tool is a product of a year-long, recently-completed project entitled "Assisting Women with Mental Health, Substance Use and Trauma-Related Concerns with Trauma-Informed Approaches." It has 4 sections, each with related examples, readings, web links and webcasts: 1) Trauma-Informed Care in Canada; 2) Connecting Substance Use, Mental Health and Trauma; 3) Developing Trauma-Informed Practices; and, 4) Developing Trauma-Informed Services.

Women, Abuse and Trauma Therapy: An Information Guide

PDF (52 pages, 3.7 MB)
Published: 2004

Published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, this guide includes the following sections: Understanding Psychological Trauma, A Trauma Model for Therapy, The Therapeutic Relationship, Choosing a Therapist, Stages of Trauma Therapy, Treatment Approaches, How to Assess Your Therapist, How Do I know If My Therapy Is Helping, Family and Friends, Getting Access to Services, The Strength of Survivors .

Trauma-informed Approaches in Addictions Treatment 

PDF (12 pages, 1.92 MB)
Published: 2009

This discussion guide comes out of a series of a national, virtual community discussions in 2009 through the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health. “Its purpose is to stimulate further conversation on addressing coexisting trauma, mental health and substance use problems experienced by girls and women through trauma-informed and trauma-specific approaches.” The guide highlights promising trauma-informed practices in addiction services in Canada.

Violence Against Women a 'Public Health Disaster'

PDF (3 pages, 36 KB)new
Fran Lowry,, August 10, 2011

"Women who experience gender-based violence such as rape, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking, have a higher prevalence of mental health disorders, dysfunction, and disability (89.4% vs. 28%), according to new research published in the August 3 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.”
Every Door is the Right Door
Every Door is the Right Door: Towards a 10-Year Mental Health and Addictions Strategy
PDF (53 pages, 185 KB)
Published: July 2009
This Discussion Paper proposes seven directions to make every door the right door for people with mental illnesses and/or addictions: (a) act early, (b)meet people on their terms, (c) transform the system, (d) strengthen the mental health and addictions workforce, (e) stop stigma, (f) create healthy communities, and (g) build community resilience.
Every Door is the Right Door: Submission by the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project
PDF (3 pages, 186 KB)
This submission by the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project emphasizes that inter-sectoral collaboration is integral to ensuring that every door is a right door.
No Wrong Door: Creating a Collaborative Rural Response for Women with Abuse, Mental Health and Addictions Issues
PDF (112 pages, 1.54 MB)
Published: July 2008
This report, a project of the Grey-Bruce Violence Prevention Coordinating Committee, identifies strategies for rural communities to improve intersector service coordination and to address service capacity issues and gaps in service for victims of woman abuse (domestic violence, sexual abuse) with mental health and/or addiction issues.
Women and Addictions 101
Women and Addictions 101: Journey to Recovery
PowerPoint (26 slides, 2.18 MB)
Last updated: Jan 2010
This presentation discusses barriers to women's treatment, as well as optimum treatment processes.
Women and Addictions 101: Recovery Process
PDF (5 pages, 186 KB)
Last updated: Jan 2010
This document summarizes the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of the recovery process - before, during and after treatment.
Related Initiatives
Task Force on the Health Effects of Woman Abuse
PDF (81 pages)
Published: Sep 2000
This is an important document about the need for medical practitioners to screen for woman abuse. This study inspired the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project.
Domestic Violence, Mental Health, and Addictions Curriculum Development Project
PDF (3 pages, 199KB)
Date: March, 2010
The goal of the project is to draw upon the expertise of those working in the VAW, mental health, and addiction fields to a) identify core competencies for working at the intersection of these three sectors and b) incorporate the competencies into a practical curriculum to ensure abused women receive the best care possible wherever they go for help.

Reducing Barriers to Support: Discussion Paper on Violence Against Women, Mental Wellness and Substance Use
Rebecca Haskel, BC Society of Transition Houses, Project Coordinator 
PDF (45 pages)

This discussion paper is part of a larger project to develop Promising Practices for supporting women fleeing violence who also have varying levels of mental wellness and substance use in Transitional Houses in BC. Comments, questions and feedback are welcome and will help inform the Promising Practices.

Logic Model Available as a PDF or Word document, this Logic Model was developed by the Sudbury-Manitoulin region to support their vision that all women who enter the violence against women, mental health and/or addictions system are screened for abuse with the view to reducing the incidence of violence against women.