Learning Resources

There are a lot of resources on this site, with more coming. Each of the regions is developing training and tools that are specific to their needs; these will be added to the website as they are created. As you explore, you'll find:

  • training and information for mental health / addictions staff and woman abuse / sexual assault / trauma staff
  • simple, practical information (like tools and guidelines) and in-depth discussion and position papers
  • general information, region-specific information and profession-specific information
  • PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, video, audio and more

You're welcome to download any Word document or Powerpoint presentation from this site and adapt it to your specific needs. [As a courtesy, please acknowledge the origin.]  PDF documents can be used, but should not be modified.  If you're looking for a particular resource and can't find it, contact us. And if you have something to contribute, bring it on! Help us build the definitive library of resources on woman abuse screening!

We have (somewhat arbitrarily) grouped the resources into the following categories:

Screening Tools and Guide
Screening Role Play Video
Training and Presentations
Services and Referrals
Papers and Articles
Tools, Tips and Guidelines
First Nations / Aboriginal
Logic Model
Key Concepts
Ressources en ligne