Women's Voices

Women with mental health or addiction issues who have been subjected to sexual assault or woman abuse or abuse-related trauma are part of us and of the initiative. Your experience guides and grounds us. Your leadership is vital to ensure that together we develop the right solutions.


Why Women's Voices Are Important
Excerpts from No Wrong Door report (2008)

Women who use services are the reason for the service and must have a primary role in efforts to improve community coordination and integration and making services more helpful and effective.

Kitchen Table Project: Evaluating the Experiences of Women within The Mental Health System Since Reform, illness Lee Hinton, purchase Women's Mental Health and Addictions Action Research Coalition, 2002

This  research project through the Women's Mental Health and Addictions Action Research Coalition was designed to collect information about the reality of women’s experiences within the mental health system and as a result of the mental health system.  

“This research clearly indicates that women still experience oppression, abuse, a lack of involvement in their treatment and a lack of specialized services within the system...It is through hearing the voices of women that the mental health system can begin to reflect changes that will result in a gender sensitive mental health system.”

Keeping It Real: Kitchen Table Conversations

Keeping It Real: Part 1 (MP3, 7:00 min, 1.6 MB)

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When women who use services are involved in, and play a leadership role in, the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project, it helps to improve coordination of services and to make mental health, addictions and woman abuse/sexual assault services more effective.
Keeping It Real: Part 2 (MP3, 2:30 min, 0.6 MB)

Hopes for the Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project.
Keeping It Real: Part 3 (MP3, 6:30 min, 1.5 MB)

H.E.R. Grey-Bruce (Hope, Equality and Respect): a new group that women with lived experience are developing in Grey Bruce.
Women's Groups

H.E.R. Grey Bruce (Hope - Equality - Respect)
(PDF, 2 pages, 66 KB)

There is a brand new Women’s group starting ... a group for Women, by Women and you are invited!